Suicide Spike

A few days after the guy open fire in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, there was a seeming spike in suicides of young males in nearby locations.

The image on the left was captured this morning from the Boulder Daily Camera’s (newspaper) website.

  1. This guy was depressed and despondent.  As stated, he hung himself from a bridge near where he lived.  His girlfriend discovered him the following morning.
  2. This guy slit his wrists beside the creek, at the mouth of the canyon, just off the bike trail.
  3. This guy went out the night before to a sporting goods store, bought a rifle and ammunition, and drove up Lefthand Canyon.  He left a suicide note in the car, then hiked up a ways and shot himself.

The guy in the movie theater killings obviously didn’t have anything left to lose.  He may as well have committed suicide, especially since he’s probably going to get the death penalty.

It’s interesting that they are all young males between 20 and 24.   The burning question in my mind, which will never be answered is why? Was it just a coincidence the three suicides occurred withing a few days of the movie theater incident?  Or was it a trigger?

It seems like a shame.   Living in this world is getting more difficult for a lot of people.

It’s been interesting living up here in the beautiful mountains.  A lot of people come up from the city to die here.

5 thoughts on “Suicide Spike

  1. Young males in that age group seem to be the most at risk. My son has been to three funerals of friends, all were in that group.

    Perhaps the other shooting highlights, for some young men, how despondent they feel, I don’t know, but it is so very tragic that they see no other solution but to end a life barely begun.

  2. When we had our recent suicide up here, and I was relating it to an acquaintance, he was quite angry;

    “I wish they’d quit doing that in our mountains!” He snapped.

    Like you, I wonder why…

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