Walking Across America

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast.  It was recorded by a guy, Andrew Forsthoefel, who walked across the country.


About the south, he says:

“This would happen a lot, people warning me about those others.  ‘They’re not friendly like us.’ ‘They’ll shoot you for the shirt off your back.’ ‘Don’t trust them.’ I never knew how to deal with the prejudice.  Especially when it came from someone who took me into their home and fed me. More often than I’d like to admit, I wouldn’t say anything.

“What I wish is that these people could have experienced what I did, and seen that the people they warned me about, were the very ones who took me in the next night, and fed me, and told me their stories, and then warned me about the people further on down the road.”

Listen here.  When finished, click on the photos above the comment section.  Some have additional audio clips with them.


2 thoughts on “Walking Across America

  1. That was very interesting to listen to.

    In some ways it shows how our world can become so much larger, and our views expand, becoming more open to the possibility of changing, when we listen to the experiences of other.

    Yet how true also, is the opposite, when we become entrenched in our own little world.

    I think he hit the nail on the head with the idea of “listening” to what others had to say. I think today we are so intend in being heard, listening, and hearing, are almost becoming forgotten arts.

    Thanks Randy. for linking to this, I did enjoy it.

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