San Rafael River Camping Trip

In late May, after a snowy and wet late winter, I was looking forward to some sunshine and some time-off from work.

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Before starting any adventure, it’s best to get your bearings and know where you are. I am here.
Requisite shot of skeletal remains in the desert landscape.
The first stop was near Fossil Point to wait out the wind storm. The next day’s dawn was calm, cool and clear.
Warming up in the sun, just finished breakfast.

I decided to explore one of several unnamed slot canyons in the area. This led to a large flat wash and much to my surprise, found some petroglyphs on the bordering boulders.

I’m going to call this one “Batman”.
Looks like someone or something killed batman.
In a slightly different location, likely from the civil war era.

The next several days featured the San Rafael River and its associated canyons and drainages.

“Black Box” is what the map calls this area. Very deep and narrow canyon. The San Rafael River is trickling along the bottom.
Later that day, I went down to the river, west of Black Box. The river was mainly pools of water with a flow of about 1 CFS (cubic foot per second).
Crawfish or Crayfish exoskeleton about 6 inches long next to the river.
The river runs along where the green is.
Exploring the beginnings of a canyon. Only 10 feet deep at this point. (Lockhart Wash)
A few hundred yards later, a drop off.
Soon the canyon is too deep to be in it, and looking down you can’t see the bottom.
San Rafael River near the confluence of Lockhart Wash.
Litter from the 19th century.
Wild donkeys
Signs of modern civilization is never far away, unfortunately.
One of my camping spots. No one around for miles. Just the way I like it.

Next stop was the Buckhorn Wash rock-art panel (next post).

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