Early Spring Photos

It’s nearly the end of April and I finally got out for the first time this year to take some nature photos.


In spite of the warm and dry spring (there’s no snow remaining in the area), many trees and plants have been a little slow getting started.  I don’t blame them, there are still some cold nights.  Last night it was well below freezing at 24 American degrees.



Do you suppose this lichen inspired the game of golf?  I love glimpses into this small world of the forest floor.

Fir Flowers


I don’t see these flowers very often on fir trees.  The part that hangs down provides pollen, and I assume, the flower on top collects the pollen and creates a cone of seeds.


6 thoughts on “Early Spring Photos

  1. Greeeeaaattt….I now have the visual of dwarfs and pixies running about the wood screaming out “fooooore!”. Thanx. Really. ]:)

    We heard the first trills today. Our hummingbird feeders are going out tomorrow.

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