Islands in the Sky

Rather than continue to toss and turn, I got up very early and captured these sights.

Aspen leaves



The way Out is Through


Islands in the Sky shortly after Dawn (in the direction of Denver).


"But mama, that's where the fun is!"


In spite of all the gloom and doom weather predictions, a nice morning in the mountains.

6 thoughts on “Islands in the Sky

  1. I have always loved the sight of snow on green leaves (although sometimes I felt anxious about it, worrying that the cold snap would kill the spring plants), so that first picture is wonderful. I really like the idea of islands in the sky. It totally looks like an island in a sea of clouds.

    • I, too, like the sight of snow on green leaves and grass. I’m not sure why. I guess because it’s not as bleak as the monotones in mid-winter.

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