Today’s Sunset

When the atmospheric conditions are right, lenticular or wave clouds form over the mountains.  They can produce spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

Click on each photo for larger 1200 pixel resolution.

The clouds and light were constantly changing.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Sunset

  1. I was napping when this happened. I’m so glad several people captured it on film…especially you because A) your vantage point is different and B) you are such a phenomenal photographer. Thank you for these.

  2. These photographs are beautiful! What fantastic shots.

    I love the different colours and shapes. Over what length of time did you take them?

    • The time span over the photos I posted was about 10 minutes. I started taking some photos earlier before they got colorful. I think my friends and I were out for about 25 minutes watching the sunset.

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