Jupiter Skies

I happened to notice about an hour before sunset that the clouds and the sky were setting up for another show at sunset, very similar to 4 days ago.  The wave cloud was a little further west and some of the more interesting clouds were to the south.

Early in the sunset before the color got more intense.

On all photos, you can click for larger versions.

I was on a hillside next to the reservoir, and this was the view overhead. It's like Jupiter is right there next to earth.


I took 50 photos this evening. This might be my favorite, but it's hard to choose from that many.


Condensation trails from jets.


The rising full moon made a very brief appearance before hiding behind the wave clouds.


6 thoughts on “Jupiter Skies

  1. These pictures are beautiful. Your earlier photo of Boulder Falls is the best I’ve ever seen. You probably know this, but water from Barker gets moved by pipeline to a reservoir behind Flagstaff Mountain, then released through another pipeline down the side of Boulder Canyon to the power plant across from the Link Trail. When PSCo owned the plant, the creek would go dry sometimes above the plant when the company was storing water for park demand. I think the City of Boulder, which owns the plant now, has committed to maintaining minimum flows in the creek.

    • Thanks Jack. Yes, I am familiar with the dam and the associated pipeline to Kossler Lake, and the power station.

      The stretch of creek between the dam and the confluence at Boulder falls was very low the past month or so… just low enough to keep the fish alive. A couple of days ago, the City of Boulder opened the gates on the dam since the level is near the spillway. Here is a graph of the water flow below the confluence. You can see the sudden increase.


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