Exactly a year ago there was quite a bit of snow. This year it’s been quite a bit warmer and not much precipitation has fallen.

Six geese.

Six geese.

In nearly 60 degree temperatures, I got out my camera and wandered around the shore of the reservoir. In the summer, the water would have been over my head. But at this time of year, the water level is lower, leaving the equivalent of tide pools like at the ocean. With the exposed algae it smelled like the ocean minus the salt. (Can salt actually have a scent, or is it only a taste?)


Algae and ice

Algae and ice.

It has fallen below freezing at night and we’ve had a little snow here and there.  The reservoir is still a long ways from freezing over.


Last year the reservoir was only frozen a couple of months. It thawed out early due to a warm spell in late winter.


Hairy boulder.

Hairy boulder.


I hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Jupiter Skies

I happened to notice about an hour before sunset that the clouds and the sky were setting up for another show at sunset, very similar to 4 days ago.  The wave cloud was a little further west and some of the more interesting clouds were to the south.

Early in the sunset before the color got more intense.

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