Klondike Bluffs

One of my favorite overnight stopping places on the way to other locations in Utah is the Salt Valley near Arches National Park.  In this case, I was on my way to St. George, Utah.


The improbable landscape of Klondike Bluffs area

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I’ve said before that southern Utah may as well be on another planet.


Cairn along a trail through a narrow space


Tower Arch

There was a lot of hazy smoke in the air from forest fires to the north and northwest.  It was more apparent to the west.

Earthly moon and alien landscape


There is drama being played out on a very slow time scale


Camping spot


I camp outside of Arches on this wide rock ledge overlooking the valley.  I usually sleep over on the right, near the juniper.


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  1. We were just talking tonight that we liked the idea of a road trip next year, including this area!

    Your photographs are fantastic, would love to see it.

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