Internet Radio: The Road Trip

The previous schedule was becoming more difficult to maintain.

New Day!

The Road Trip is streamed Thursdays, approximately 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm mountain time.

The music played has no bounds on genre, but mostly rock/pop/classical/jazz/blues/goth/industrial/electronica/folk. It’s a musical road trip!

Check the Listen Live links on the right.

Update: The link below the red/green indicator is where the most recent playlist will be posted.

6 thoughts on “Internet Radio: The Road Trip

    • I would prefer not to, because that was one of the problems with the previous schedule. I’d often forget to set it up to replay, or I would put off doing it and then didn’t get home in time to get it started, or I would set it up, then forget to leave the computer on.

      I’m guessing, since you asked, Thursday nights are not good for you?

      • Sorry, about the comment below, no idea what happened!

        I can understand not wanting to do two nights. No problem, I’ll check in when I can, Thursdays tend to be busy, but that can change.

  1. Of course I see this post two days later…

    I promise I’ll start listening Thursdays. Swear on a stack of bibles and honest injun.

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