Tick Season

Right after I had posted the previous post, I was scratching the back of my neck and found something that shouldn’t have been there.


Spotted Tick

Spotted Tick


I haven’t had a tick in probably 5 years.  Fortunately, I caught her before she bit.



1 thought on “Tick Season

  1. hatehatehate ticks! 🙁

    we tend to avoid the mountainsides around here where they are known to be; the south faces (where the bighorn hang out) are tick-y, whereas the north faces (where the deer hang out, oddly enough) seem to be less tick-prone.

    they are one of the only reasons i resort to chemical means of repellent; the stuff made from pyrethrins seems to be effective, and luckily it only gets applied to clothing, not skin.

    yuck! ticks!

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