Still decorating

I don’t know why I want to spend time customizing the perfect design and images for this blog, when I expect few visitors.  I guess it’s a creative outlet, something that I can take pride in.  Other than that, part of me thinks it’s an utter waste of valuable spare time.  I’ve got a list of dozens of minor style tweaks I want to make, as well as re-doing the top banner image.

I want the top banner to be the image that speaks a thousand words about me.  I have such varied interests and plan to write about everything ranging from hiking to music to programming.  While I have some ideas, I’m not sure yet how to integrate all of that into an image.  My Photoshop skills are rusty and will add to the time this will take.

Patience is in order.  I don’t have to do it all at once.

4 thoughts on “Still decorating

  1. Like you said, it’s a creative outlet. It can get really out of hand though. I know I’ve found myself fixating on a certain element that just won’t do what I want until finally I realize it doesn’t matter and never really did.
    Plus, WordPress has so many options and plugins, exploring those can be fun as well…

  2. Hush, you. After years of prodding from various parties, I finally went and set up an RSS feed reader, in large part because I didn’t want to miss out on things like this. So there.

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