Fake Plastic Trees, Part 1

A cell tower is finally coming to town.  It’s to be disguised as a huger than huge pine tree.  This will be the first in a series of posts documenting the construction.

Based on seeing some other disguised cell towers, I often think I’d rather see just a plain cell tower rather than a freaky looking man-made tree, which draws my attention more than a plain tower would.

The view from the road.  This will be a large tree, taller than any other tree in the surrounding area.

Fake branches will attach to the pegs on the sides of the “trunk”.

The green branches you see piled on the ground will be attached to the “trunk” after the antennas are attached.

Click here for part 2 of this series.

4 thoughts on “Fake Plastic Trees, Part 1

  1. Well that’s certainly … they’re trying really hard and going in an interesting direction. I hope it looks real enough to truly blend in, though. A Disney-esque tree might be disconcerting. On the other hand, think of the fun you could have with tourists. “What do you mean, funny-looking mutant tree? I don’t see anything wrong with it. Certainly, aliens never emerge and abduct campers. No. Never.”

    • The previous “trees” I’ve seen in other place just screamed “cell tower”, but that was years ago. Maybe they’ve improved things since.

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