Stained Glass

To wrap up my trip west to California, I want to give a plug for my friend Joel, who is an artist, the first artist I ever knew.  I think we first met in art class in junior high school.  It turned out he lived a couple blocks away from me and we’ve been friends ever since.  That makes him the longest lasting friend I’ve got.

Joel has worked with a variety of mediums, including water color, acrylic, stained-glass, and photography.  I have a window that looks almost directly into my neighbor’s window, so I thought I would commission Joel for a stained glass piece to block the view.  I suggested hummingbirds since there are so many around the Colorado mountains in the summer time.  We kicked a few ideas around and this was the end result.  When I was in California, I picked up the piece from him and now have it hanging in the window.  I love it!

Visit his website and take a look around.  If you have an idea for a stained glass you’d like, feel free to contact him!

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