Great Horned Owls

A friend notified me that there were some owls nesting near where she lives.  So I went over to take some photos last week.

This is one of the parents, although I’m not sure which one.  For various reasons, I think this is the female.

This is one of the babies, and the cavity in this old tree is the nest.  There are two owlets and this one is standing on top of the other one.  The legs you see hanging over the edge are leftovers from lunch.  These look like egret legs to me.  There is a lake nearby where one of the parents probably captured the egret and brought it home for lunch.

6 thoughts on “Great Horned Owls

    • Bubo virginianus

      There was another photo not posted where I got a pretty disgusted look. Perhaps the way she is holding her foot up, in bird gestures, means “fuck you”. But, I think it was mostly directed to the dog that was with us at the time.

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