It starts with soup and ends with tooth extraction

I am recovering this weekend from some dental work that occurred on Thursday.  In a nutshell, it started a couple of months ago with gently biting down on something hard in some soup I was eating.  Then…

  • A week or two later, the molar is sensitive to pressure and cold.
  • Saw dentist “A” who couldn’t find anything specific wrong, but concluded it must be a crack.
  • Dentist “A” puts in a filling to help stabilize the tooth if it is a crack.
  • Over the next few weeks, pain gets better then worse.
  • Saw dentist “B” for a second opinion.  She came to the same conclusion and sent me to a specialist.
  • Saw specialist dentist “C” who said I needed a root canal, regardless of whether it is cracked.  All x-rays look normal.
  • I declined root canal since nobody could specifically say what was causing the pain.
  • At 2:00 am on Thursday, I begged for a root canal.  I had to endure until working hours.
  • After many phone calls, found dentist “D” who had an opening in the schedule for a root canal.
  • It was “take your kid to work day” at dentist “D”.  So I had an audience of kids watching my root canal.
  • Dentist “D” stops half way through and says that it’s not worth continuing.  The tooth is cracked down the back root, below the gum-line.  Recommends seeing dentist “E” immediately, who is an oral surgeon.
  • Dentist “E” pulls out tooth.




I just want the pain to stop.

7 thoughts on “It starts with soup and ends with tooth extraction

  1. I do feel for you, something similar happened to me years ago, if only Dentist “E” had been the first!

    Kids watching your root canal….not going there!

    Hope the pain is better now.


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