Solstice Sunrise Hike

It’s been somewhat of a solstice tradition the past 20 years or so, to get up early, hike somewhere to watch the sunrise.


Before sunrise, the sun reflecting off the wave cloud


Before I moved to the mountains, the solstice hike had 6-20 people attending, followed by breakfast at a local eatery.  Now that I’m living in the mountains, the solstice hike has just me and breakfast is usually back at home.

This morning had the bonus of a wave cloud overhead, which made it very colorful.  If I wasn’t already familiar with wave clouds and the fire-in-the-sky look, I might have thought the world was ending.  😉


My footprints behind me as the snow reflects the color of the sky


The color faded once the sun was above the air pollution of Denver.


Eldora ski area upper left, Nederland lower right in the shadow


Ninja sunrise





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