More bread

I can make sourdough reliably now.  I’ve made three or four loaves now and they all pretty much look like this:




I’ve given some loaves away to the neighbors.

Today I experimented with a 6-grain bread of my own devising.  It was about one-third whole grains with the remainder white flour, sweetened with maple syrup.  The dough was a little too damp so the shape doesn’t look good, but it tastes wonderful and has a good texture.


Whole wheat, buckwheat, triticale, barley, oat, rye and flaxseed



2 thoughts on “More bread

  1. i really need to try my hand at sourdough, since i have intermittent luck making standard yeast loaves; i’ve actually had better luck most recently using my (gasp!) bread machine.

    but i’ve managed to keep my kombucha going for about 2.5 years now, so i oughta be able to not kill sourdough starter right away. :-/

    wanna part with some of yours when we come visit?

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