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Most of these photos are from around the ruins of the Diamond Mine, above Silver Plume, Colorado. (It was a gold mine, not a diamond mine.)  Click on any photo for a larger size.

Tracks leading to the edge

Westinghouse AC Magnetic Controller used for controlling the speed of the air compressor.

More photos below the cut…

Speed control on left, protection relay on right

Massive air compressor

Entrance to old mine tunnel

Inside of tunnel. The foreground part of the tunnel is flooded, but it looks like it rises up and dries out further in. The granite roof looks very stable.


I believe this was used as the drive pully for a cable ore transport system.

Ore carts strewn up the gulch

View from the cliff above the Silverplume Mining Museum. Before it was a museum, I think it was a school house.

Fox hanging out at gas station in Georgetown, Colorado.

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  1. the tunnel…how it beckons me! i can hear it calling…’come in, come in…i won’t hurt yoooooou…there are unicorns and candy and rainbows in here…step insiiiiiiiide…’ stop! stop! wicked voices!

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