South Boulder Creek

Last weekend I spent some time hanging out near the old site of Crescent and hiked down to South Boulder Creek.  The willows and other shrubs along the shores haven’t leafed out yet, but the grasses are starting to grow.  The wildflowers are getting a late start this year:  First due to drought, then due to wet and gray days.

These are some seed pods left over from last year.

In the past, I’ve learned the name of this flower, but have since forgotten.  It grows on a vine.  I’m too lazy this morning to get out the book and look it up. 🙂

6 thoughts on “South Boulder Creek

    • Thanks Jase!

      I wasn’t all that impressed with them. 😉 I sometimes force myself to take photos so that I keep in practice. This was one of those days.

  1. Looking at the first one, I can see why you thought our two areas might have similarities. I love water photographs.:))

    • I love time exposures of water. I’d like to get out with my camera in the next couple of weeks and take some time exposures before all the small streams dry up.

    • Thanks! This is still home, eh? We all miss you guys. I was hoping to come out on the train this spring, but work got slow and finances didn’t work out.

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