Sunrise Lunar Eclipse

This morning there was a total eclipse of the moon at sunrise.  The moon set in the west while the sun rose in the east.

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Sometimes I do things the hard way.  I could have just parked beside the road and got some decent photos.  No, I had to try and hike to a nearby mountain top through more than a foot of snow.  The early morning cold fogged my judgment and I left the snowshoes in the car.  It made for slow going.

. . .

When it became apparent that the mountain top was still 20 minutes away and it looked like the moon was going to set before then, I stopped and found a clearing.  I never made it to the mountain top.

. . .

There was quite a bit of air pollution in the east and the sunrise was very red.  The snow in these photos is reflecting that reddish light from the east.

. . .

Due to the mountains and Colorado being a bit too far east for this eclipse, totality occured after it was below the horizon.

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