Snow is more interesting than rain

I suppose that it’s a good thing I like snow, living at the elevation I do.   Here are some photos I captured on a Christmas Morning snowshoe hike.

Ice on log over creek (click for larger)

Ice crystals growing in a hole in the snow over a stream

Large coarse snow crystals sparkling in the morning sun

When I was a kid, there was a weed that had spiral seeds that we called minute winders.  The seeds were sensitive to heat or moisture.  When you held the base the top would start slowing winding.  This was the seed’s way of propogating, twisting and tangling itself in an animal’s fur.  The seeds in the photo below resemble those minute winders, but these are on a bush and aren’t as sensitive to heat or moisture.

Spiral seeds

6 thoughts on “Snow is more interesting than rain

  1. Lovely photographs, as always. Simply striking. I swear, despite the time of year, it feels like March up here. Our recent snowshoe was just…okay.

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