Seeburg Jukebox Restoration, Part 5

Remember this from a previous post?

A damaged piece of molding that had to be rebuilt.

Well, as I was installing it, it broke.  I fixed it again, then it broke again.  Repeat 2 more times.  The old wood was just too weak.  So I took a piece of maple, cut and carved an entirely new one from scratch.

New Molding to replace the 3x repaired broken one

Time consuming, yes.  This small piece is only about 5 inches long, but it’s been holding up progress on a lot of other things.

Another task that was holding up progress, and one I had been dreading, was installing the new mirrors on the front door.   But Dave came and gave me a hand or two.

Front door with new mirrors and new grill cloth

In the above photo, the door frame is not done being repaired, but it gives a good idea what it will look like when finished.

I’m happy to get these two obstacles behind me.

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