Seeburg Jukebox Restoration, Finale

Completed Seeburg Model 146

One final restoration note: I replaced the heavy crystal cartridge in the tone arm with a lighter weight dynamic one to reduce the record wear.  It’s the only thing that deviates from the original design.  To think that records used to be played with what is essentially a nail.

From left to right: Tone arm, new dynamic cartridge, old crystal cartridge.

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8 thoughts on “Seeburg Jukebox Restoration, Finale

  1. Hi,
    How much weight do you put on the needle with the new cartridge?
    Doesn’t the amplifier has to change also for the new needle?

    Thanks, Marco

  2. Hi –

    I’m restoring the exact same jukebox, and I was very impressed with your work. I hope mine turns out to be half this good. Like yours, mine is still an unmodified one that plays 78s.



  3. Looking for the top lid – mine is cracked – do you have one or know where I could find one – have talked to Victory Glass – they have nothing –

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