A moment of zen

It can be harsh living at elevation 8300 feet.   Especially harsh are the winter winds, blowing with sustained speeds of 40-60 miles per hour, for 5 or 6 days straight.  Then an early spring day, like today, comes along and reminds me why I live here.

I hopped on my bike, rode up the peak-to-peak, to an area most people refer to as West Mag (as in magnolia). My original destination was the Champion Mill, but like last time, never made it. Last time I was distracted by an aqueduct, which I should re-post here for completeness.  This time I was simply not feeling the energy.  I’ve been dealing with a relapse of west nile the past few weeks, which flares-up a couple times a year.  This time, after following forest road 355 and taking a unnamed trail,  I stopped at a tributary to Beaver Creek.

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