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Under the Surface

08 Jan

I have over-committed myself on many fronts. My desire to be helpful gets the best of me. Then I become one of those people I despise, one who doesn’t deliver on promises. People tell me it’s a good thing that business has grown so much. But the downside is not being able to deliver on the promises I make.  It’s much easier to say “no” up front, than to keep saying I haven’t gotten to it yet and to give me a little more time.  This is not a new lesson.  It makes me laugh how I ignore life’s small lessons.

Over the holidays, I went to Utah to visit friends and to do some hiking and photography. The ends of the trip were all about dodging storm systems and semi-trucks. (Actually the semi-trucks were fine; it was the icy roads and idiot drivers of SUVs and pickups.)



A familiar sight travelling I-70 in the winter.

On the way to southern Utah, I stopped at the Crystal Geyser near Green River.

The Crystal Geyser is a cold water geyser with a water temperature around 62º F (17º C). But in the sub-freezing temperature of the winter air, the water steams.

The Crystal Geyser is a cold water geyser with a water temperature around 62º F (17º C). But in the sub-freezing temperature of the winter air, the water steams.

I’ve been to the Crystal Geyser before.  It’s not a natural geyser, as the geysers are in Yellowstone. This one was created accidentally when drilling for oil back in 1936.  It’s nothing but an old rusty pipe sticking out of the ground.


It wasn’t erupting when I stopped by. But this made the photography more interesting because ice had formed from the previous eruption (probably sometime during the night).  One of these days, I’d like to camp at the geyser so I can witness a proper eruption.


Travertine deposits

Travertine deposits


Ice crystals

Ice crystals

The sun in southern Utah was sparse. But again, it provided for more scenic photos.  Actually some of these photos might be from extreme north-western Arizona near the Virgin River and Beaver Dam Wash.


Near the Virgin River Gorge


Side entrance bird's nest in cholla cactus.

Side entrance bird’s nest in cholla cactus.



Joshua tree

It seemed like a pretty short trip, which included going to an art museum featuring artwork about our national parks, visiting a restaurant on a cliff overlooking St. George, and last but not least, hanging out with friends.

It’s time I get back to my commitments. Perhaps my new year’s resolution should be “Just Say No”.  Nah…




27 Nov

Exactly a year ago there was quite a bit of snow. This year it’s been quite a bit warmer and not much precipitation has fallen.

Six geese.

Six geese.

In nearly 60 degree temperatures, I got out my camera and wandered around the shore of the reservoir. In the summer, the water would have been over my head. But at this time of year, the water level is lower, leaving the equivalent of tide pools like at the ocean. With the exposed algae it smelled like the ocean minus the salt. (Can salt actually have a scent, or is it only a taste?)


Algae and ice

Algae and ice.

It has fallen below freezing at night and we’ve had a little snow here and there.  The reservoir is still a long ways from freezing over.


Last year the reservoir was only frozen a couple of months. It thawed out early due to a warm spell in late winter.


Hairy boulder.

Hairy boulder.


I hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving.


Cold Springs Fire: Two Weeks Later

26 Jul

Click on photos for larger versions.

This evening I went back to one of the view points I had of the fire a little over 2 weeks ago. I took some “after” photos for a comparison.

Little did I know at the time when I took this first photo, that there was a house in the upper right. All that stands now is a chimney and some solar panels.




The following two photos are also aligned. The houses in these photos appear to have escaped major damage.




The next three photos show what had to have been some remarkable structure protection efforts by the fire fighters.




I’m not sure if the house in this final photo escaped damage.  From this angle it looks okay.