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Take Me Away

03 Nov
Amtrak #5 heading west this morning.

Amtrak #5 heading west this morning, with a car chasing along.

It’s still difficult to find spare time.  Both businesses are doing well, but that cuts both ways. It’s been stressful. Days off are spent doing chores.

It was a year ago that I hopped on the train and rode it through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico.  Last night I dreamed about hopping on the train and going as far as Reno then heading back.  That idea really appeals to me right now.

It would be so relaxing, because as a captive on a train, there is nothing to do but to eat, sleep, and watch the scenery go by.  Forced passiveness.

Why Reno?  Because it’s 24 hours from Denver.  A day and a night in one direction.

When I woke after the dream, I went online and checked fares for next week. Unfortunately, the fares discourage improvisation. The bedrooms are booked.

I miss hiking and exploring and taking photos.  Now we are entering winter, and with the clocks falling back an hour, short days and darkness.



Another Amtrak Moment

24 Jun
California Zephyr, Train #6, East of the Moffat Tunnel (click for larger)

California Zephyr, Train #6, East of the Moffat Tunnel (click for larger)

This train was slightly more special than most.  The second engine (#145) is painted with the Amtrak 40th anniversary colors, based on the Phase III paint scheme used in the 70’s.

Now if they would only make their baggage cars look a little better.



Train Trip Part 2: Califorina Zephyr

30 Oct

I didn’t take many photos on the second day of the Zephyr ride.

We stopped early in Reno, Nevada, where I got off the train and walked a little bit. There wasn’t a lot of time.  There was one health conscious family that jogged up and down the length of the train to get exercise.   There wasn’t much to see at the Reno station.

From Reno we headed up into the Sierra’s of California.  It’s similar to Colorado, but it seemed like the main view out of either side of the train was trees.  There were some exceptions.

Truckee, California from the Dining Car. Did I mention that all meals are included with a sleeper car?


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