Second Snow

The second snowfall of the season was deep and pretty.   I live for those mornings that dawn bright and sunny after it snows.  The snow glitters white and the sky a deep blue.  It’s a blue that only is seen at high elevations.

As usual, click the photo for larger versions.

I was up early and hiked to one of my favorite nearby hilltops.  I’d live up on top of this if there was any way that I could.  The hilltop doesn’t seem to have an official name and I’m still working on making up a name of my own.

Mt. Thorodin in the background

Ski area upper left. Town and reservoir right of center.

Glorious sky

Deaf-like silence in this cotton world.

First Snow

It seems like it was just yesterday I was walking in autumn colored leaves.

Wait!  It was just yesterday, just before the sun set.

Not surprising for this time of year, it snowed 4 inches last night and this morning.

The Mountain Bluebirds didn’t seem to mind.

In a couple of months, the temperatures will be colder and the water frozen over.  Meanwhile, this snow will melt within a day or two and we’ll be back to our Indian Summer.