Water flow

I went out Saturday in search of flowing water.  At this time of year, it’s not hard to find.

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I like to use long exposure times to convey a sense of motion with the water. The first few photos are all of the same stream, but different points along the way.

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South Boulder Creek

Last weekend I spent some time hanging out near the old site of Crescent and hiked down to South Boulder Creek.  The willows and other shrubs along the shores haven’t leafed out yet, but the grasses are starting to grow.  The wildflowers are getting a late start this year:  First due to drought, then due to wet and gray days.

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I had been across it dozens of times on bike, on foot, and in 4×4, but never realized it was there.  An aqueduct.  The reason I had noticed it this time were the recent signs of machinery used to clear the ditch of debris and vegetation.

I followed it to the north where it joined up with a stream and a diversion.  Then I followed it south where it became elevated as it crossed a gulch.  The water sitting in it was still half-frozen.

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